Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Follow Me on Twitter!

I really have NO idea what in the world Twitter really is or what I am doing on there, but I created a Twitter account in hopes to get enough followers to be able to giveaway a Ipod Touch!!!! Yes, you heard right! A Ipod Touch!! The only thing is I had to have a Twitter account and they will look to see how many followers I have to see if I am eligible to giveaway a Ipod Touch!
So...will you follow me on Twitter? (LBGivesAway)

*Also, don't forget about the great Giveaways going on now!

Giveaway from Bloomers Designs
(Ends Tonight @ 9:00 pm!)

Giveaway from
My Pip Squeak

Giveaway from Madison Monograms

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