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Review & Giveaway from Thought Spots! (Giveaway Closed)

I am beyond excited about this next review & giveaway from Thought Spots!!

You may be asking "What are Thought Spots?"

They are peel and post messages that adhere with static cling to clean, shiny surfaces. Because they are mess-free, removable and re-usable, it's simple and easy to surprise someone with a message, create smiles, teach kids and even, support your own personal goals.

Where Can You Use Thought Spots?

Place them on a bathroom mirror, fridges, windows, whiteboards, aluminum water bottles or any other clean, shiny surfaces and watch them get noticed.

Why Use Thought Spots?

Thought Spots help keep important messages in sight and in mind-the kind of message that will make you and others feel good! They can be put up in unexpected places so they get noticed! Use them to motivate, inspire, teach, praise and share!

How are Thought Spots Organized?

They are grouped into themes of 12 thought spots messages called a "Thought Pack". Each theme is designed with a specific purpose in mind, such as teaching young children, motivating tweens and teens, inspiring personal growth, or creating smiles and encouraging others. There are 12 Thought Packs available. Thought Spots are also available in a larger, since "thought" format called a Big Thought. These are messages with big impact! They're a great alternative to traditional greeting cards because you can share a thought and have it last! There are 15 Big Thought Spots available.

How Long with my Thought Spots Last?

With a little care and safe handling your Thought Spots will last several years and more!! Store them flat in the packaging envelope when not in use. If dirt and oil residue from surfaces/hands cause them to lose their cling, simply use a washcloth and water to gently wipe clean the back of your Thought Spot and it will be clingy again! Enjoy posting and changing your message regularly.

What are some of the best way to share a Thought Spot?

Share a message in a school lunch box-Post it on their water bottle! Surprise a family member first thing in the morning with a special message on their bathroom mirror-(great for working parents who leave the house early!) Post a message on the fridge for the whole family to enjoy! Share a big thought spot with a friend to brighten their day. Give a pack as a present with your favorite gift card attached-perfect for teachers gifts, wedding showers, baby showers, kids birthdays, and other "thoughtful" occasions.

Thought Spots is a Canadian Mom owned business based out of Oakville, Ontario. Let me tell you a little more about the amazing woman behind Thought Spots and how she got her business started.

“How do I remind myself to stay on track and live according to what matters most?” was the question in my mind when the idea of creating Thought Spots™ was born. It sparked the need for me to design a product that would help other busy women to live true to their best intentions and create more joy in their lives.

I have always enjoyed helping others to set and reach their goals. For years I have done this as a health professional and now I also find myself seeking to teach and motivate my kids, stay connected with my husband, inspire other women, and of course, improve myself and reach my potential! Creating simple, peel and post messages was a fun and unique was to accomplish these goals.

I hope you enjoy using Thought Spots™ to create smiles with your kids, spark a new perspective for a friend, or motivate and inspire someone you care about to be their best!"

-Lynn Petruskavich, Creator of Thought Spots

Lynn lives in Oakville, ON, Canada with her husband and two children. She enjoys a good book, great food, staying fit, teaching cyclefit at the Y and always… choosing happiness!

Our Vision:
To improve the way people think and communicate in order to bring more joy and fulfillment into their lives.

Our Values:
Connection & Support – To stay connected with people and support them with compassion and kindness.

Balance – To encourage a balanced approach to work and play, roles and relationships.

Creativity – To provide an outlet for creative beauty, unique thought and passionate purpose.

Inspiration & Intuition – To be a source of empowerment that strengthens the soul and taps into the wisest gut instincts.

Joy & Fun – To find joy and fun in doing and being.

Contentment & Peace – To find contentment and peace while experiencing life and fully engaging in the journey.

Passion & Impact – To offer high impact and quality, credibility and excellence in every pursuit guided by passion.

-If you have goals that you want to keep clear in your mind to help you stay on track

-If you value self improvement, balanced living and continuous learning

-If you seek opportunities to teach your kids, build self esteem and stay connected

-If you want to surprise and create joyful moments with family and friends

-If you need to create more positive “self talk” to challenge old patterns of negative thinking

-If you believe that investing in relationships and communicating is essential to happiness

-If you like to give gifts that are unique and will have real impact

What’s your goal or intention? Select a Thought Pack or Big Thought to support it.

Find a good place to stick your Thought Spot – somewhere it’ll be in sight - like a bathroom mirror or kitchen window. Gently peel off a Spot and apply it to a clean, shiny surface.

Because it’s in your sight, you’ll read it. Take time to reflect. Think about it. Say it out loud. Have an “aha” moment. Discuss it. Whatever serves your intention.

Keep your thought experience fresh. Change your Thought Spot and its location regularly. Store them in this re-usable envelope, handle with care and enjoy them again and again.

Use other Thought Packs or Big Thoughts to support other goals or intentions.

Use Thought Spots to:

-Facilitate your journey of self improvement, discovery and growth on a daily basis

-Help your kids remember stuff and learn through various ages and stage

-Surprise someone with a message that sets the tone for their whole day

-Inspire yourself or someone you care about in a way that enriches their life

-Keep you focused on what matters most

When you put a Thought Spot in the right place, you - or the person you’re sharing it with - can’t help but see it, read it and think it. It will stimulate a moment of reflection, prompt a discussion, motivate action, spark a new perspective, or simply, create a smile!

Use Thought Spots™ for yourself or to share with others. Watch them stimulate a moment of reflection, prompt a discussion, motivate action, spark a new perspective, or simply, create a smile!

I was sent several Big Thoughts and also a Thought Pack of samples for review. I have decided to share a few of the Big Thoughts with YOU!!

I am going to give you the chance to win these 2 Big Thoughts!!

Here's How You Can Enter to Win:

*Be sure to leave a separate comment for each thing you do for a better chance to win!

Check out Thought Spots and tell me what your favorite Thought Pack or Big Thought Spot is.

10 Entries- Buy anything from Thought Spots

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*I just wanted to say a huge Thank You to Lynn for hosting this Giveaway!

This Giveaway will end October 20th at 11:59 pm and the winner will be announced Thursday morning. (Winner will be chosen from

(The things you read here are my honest opinions of the product reviewed! I was not paid in any way to say anything you read here!)


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