Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stella & Dot Mystery Hostess Jewelry Party!

If you are looking for fun, stylish jewelery....then I have just the thing for you!

Stella & Dot

Rebekah is a Stella & Dot consultant and is throwing a virtual "Mystery Hostess" Stella & Dot Jewelry Party!

Here's how it will work:

1. Log on to Stella & Dot/Rebekah and click on "shop" to browse the great jewelry.

2. When you add your first item to the shopping bag, it will ask if you were invited to a Trunk Show. Enter the Hostess first name "A" and Hostess last name "Surprise." Click on that party and then you can continue shopping.

3. *HURRY because all orders must be placed by 12:00pm, Monday, February 28. Once the party is closed, I will choose one customer from this party, and that person will become the "Party Hostess"!! This means, you'll get ALL the free jewelry earned from this party. (I will notify the winner Monday afternoon and let them know how much FREE JEWELRY and half-off items they have received.)

4. Enjoy shopping!

**Here's how free jewelry credits work**

Hostess Rewards
Our average Trunk Show Hostess receives $250 in free jewelry and 4 half-off items!
Qualified Trunk Shows have 4 unique ordering guests.

*Not applicable to sale Items ** ½ price items are capped at 4.

Hostess Rewards must be redeemed in one order on full-price jewelry within 14 days of Trunk Show date.

Let me tell you a little more about
Rebekah and how she got started with Stella & Dot:
"Even though I work a full time job, I longed for something more FUN and stylish than my 'real job', something that was truly my own. I wanted a business that I was proud of, and if I worked hard I could enjoy the rewards of my own effort. Like lots of people, I dreamt about being an entrepreneur, but didn't know if I had the money to make it happen! When I discovered Stella & Dot, and realized how affordable it was to start a profitable and high potential business, I knew I could stop dreaming and start living! I didn't need to open my own boutique and worry about leases, inventory, websites, and employees! I was thrilled that I could launch this business RIGHT AWAY and work it right alongside my current job! No risk at all.

I didn't have any sales experience, but the product is so stylish and affordable, it sells itself! Tons of my customers have already seen Stella & Dot jewelry featured in fashion magazines, like Instyle, People, Oprah and more! I LOVE style and people, so the parties are a blast. Plus, the training and support that comes from my sponsor and the Home Office has been great and made things so fun and easy for me!

Stella & Dot is brand new, so the opportunity is just too good to keep to myself! Now, as I work to grow my team and help other women start their own successful business, I'm making amazing friends AND seeing my income grow! I hope to see my 'fun job' start to pay as much as my 'real job'. Soon, I plan on my Stella & Dot business, my true passion, being my ONLY job! I want to help you do it too, so contact me to learn all about it."

*If you have any questions you can email Rebekah:


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