Tuesday, March 29, 2011

***Blog Sale***

For some reason I am having a lot of trouble getting the wording spaced how I want it. So sorry about the way everything is spaced out!

*All items are priced with shipping included. *All money will go towards Baby B's adoption. *All items need to be ironed. (I apologize for not ironing them!) Please feel free to email me, lyndsiebrooker@hotmail.com if you have any questions. Thank You!

I love this beautiful pink dress! Pink Twenty One Dress Size Small $18.00 Shipped (SOLD) Long Black Linen from Target Size Medium $8.00 Shipped Khaki Linen Skirt from Target Size 6 $8.00 Shipped Black Button Down Dress Size Small $15.00 Shipped Aqua Blue Strapless Dress from The Gap Size 2 $18.00 Shipped Black and Pink Polka Dot Dress Size 4 Petite $20.00 Shipped

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  1. I bet a lot of people are Spring Cleaning! You should hold a blog sale that your readers can submit things to sell and half or all of the proceeds can go to your Adoption fund!!


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